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Art Classes for Animation

Visual Development

Let's go on a journey together to build solid foundations in drawing and digital painting. We can learn step-by-step how to use a painting software to create art, understand the fundamental theories behind successful artwork, and have workout sessions to train the hand and eyes to see the world like an artist - using shapes, values, color and most importantly, with imagination!
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Weekly Video Tutorials

Video recordings of the artwork created in class will be available to the student to keep forever

Online Live Sessions

Classes will be conducted live so that students can have personal and interactive learning sessions with the instructor

One-to-One Feedback

Guidance, critique and direction will be given to the students to improve and develop their skills
Before I received lessons from you, I was sketching for 5+ years but I learnt so much in your beginner lessons that I improved my drawings 5 times better. It felt like 5 years of practice and improvement could be seen during  a month of your lessons. Looking forward to becoming a pro while learning from you!


It was very nice learning from you, Ma'am. You have helped so many students learn a lot. Your friendly teaching approach helps students understand the lessons easily. I learnt drawing for the first time from you. Before I couldn't draw anything but now I can draw because of you. We miss you and I enjoyed each and every class of yours. Thank you so much!


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